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Annie – The Family Community Theatre‘s major musical is the family-friendly 1977 Tony Award-winner for Best Musical is based on Harold Gray’s popular comic strip “Little Orphan Annie,” which he started in the 1920s.
Hutchinson Art Center February 2019 Events
For the past several years the Family Community Theatre has conducted an event for the children of the community in conjunction with the major musical. This year Annie and Sandy will host an I Love NYC party on February 2, 2019.
They’re back! Five years ago, Stage 9 opened its doors with the raucous comedy The Kitchen Witches. The tradition continues when performances for the production begin January 24, 2019.
More than 15 lights are getting ready to make their debut at the Family Community Theatre (FCT), thanks to a grant from the Hutchinson Community Foundation and funds from other private donors.
Adult Workshops - Enrollment Open!
Full cast rehearsals will begin December 9 for the major musical of the Family Community Theatre’s 30th season.
The Abstract Group Show will feature Kansas abstract artists Jim Gross, Barbara Niewald, Curt Hutchens, and Don Caviness.
Mayfield/Forst Paintings and Ceramics Exhibit, Chocolate Crawl, and Yoga at the Art Center.
The HAC will be having its first ever art auction in its gallery space at 405 N. Washington St. The bidding options will be exhibited in the gallery as of January 14th.
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